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company news about Anti-leakage design and strength requirements for FIBC

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Anti-leakage design and strength requirements for FIBC
Latest company news about Anti-leakage design and strength requirements for FIBC

In the pre-design process of FIBC, not only need to consider its strength factor, but also carry out leak-proof design, because FIBC may be used to hold some powdered items, such as mineral powder, medicine powder, flour Such enterprises generally use machine air flow for filling.

If it is a common container bag without leakage-proof design, once the air flow is filled, the powder will not leak out from the pores of the suture with the air flow, and this filling The PE bag cannot be used in this way, and it cannot be breathable. Therefore, we can only use leak-proof design at the seam of the container bag: Generally, the sliver is used to sew, which can solve this problem well.

There are also strength requirements. FIBC manufacturers must fully consider the packaging volume, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units when designing. In addition, they must also consider the distance of the transportation distance and the number of times of transportation, what kind of transportation tools and transportation methods are used, etc. To ensure that suitable and qualified FIBC products are designed.

The GB/ T10454-2000 national industry standard also strictly stipulates the technical requirements of the container bag base fabric and sling. From the safety point of view, it is clear that the container bag structure is all bottom crane structure, and the safety factor must reach 1.6. These are some important factors that container bag manufacturers should pay attention to when producing ton bags. It must meet the standards to provide safe operating conditions for enterprises.

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